Natural Etretat

Natural Etretat

The play of the sunlight, arches, needle and flint caves

The cliff of etretatBeautiful, majestic and luminous, the Etretat cliffs are world famous. The natural openings of the resort, which are classified as a Site of Major National Importance, are known as:

  • Porte d'Amont,
  • Porte d'Aval,
  • Manneporte,

At low tide, just walk a few steps along the beach and the 17thCentury oyster beds and the legendary "trou à l'homme" or manhole can be seen. Along marked-out pathways you can feast your eyes on the fascinating flora and fauna: herring gulls, arctic fulmars and peregrine falcons...


Attention, les balades sous les falaises sont réglementées, veuillez vous reporter à l'arrêté municipal.


The fauna of etretat    The flora of etretat


Please note that red grass and sea cabbage are protected plants species
Take the coastal walk on the Perrey - the small garden there is worth a detour since it includes an impressive plant nursery.


Discovering Etretat

If you wish to discover or rediscover Etretat, its cliffs and its flora and fauna, then take a look at our page on Discovering nature.

Access the weather forecast in real time, as well as the high and low tide timetables.


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