Cultural Etretat

"If I had to show the sea to a friend for the first time, I would choose to go to Etretat" Alphonse Karr



culturelle_etretat_01With his love of art, the journalist and novelist Alphonse Karr made our seaside resort famous. Guy de Maupassant fell in love with the place. Monet, Courbet, Isabey and lots of other painters have produced hosts of paintings of Etretat.Like many others, the composer Offenbach had a villa built there. And one must also never forget to mention Maurice Leblanc and his immortal Arsène Lupin!



The emotion is still there today ...

naturelle_etretat_02The Gentleman Housebreaker provides you with a playful meeting point in his hideout, the Arsène Lupin house. At the top of the cliff you will tower above the sea, the village and the majestic cliff below, from the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Garde

The château des Aygues, which is classed as an historic monument is open to visitors, as is the 11th Century church of Notre Dame, which houses an organ by Cavaillé-Coll. Hard to miss are the Old market, the Manoir de la Salamandre in the centre of the village and the villas nestling on the hillsides.


Cultural tours, the arts festival, the book fair, the herring festival, the paintings festival, the sea past and present - all these form a whirlwind of activities for your enjoyment and for days that are really well spent!

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