The story of the Trou à l'Homme (manhole)


It was in the year 1792 that a Swedish vessel was thrown against the Etretat rocks by a storm and was completely smashed. The sea was terrible and it was impossible to give any help. The storm continued unabated for 24 hours and the bodies of the unfortunate shipwrecked sailors were washed up on the shore. At the bottom on a shelf of the rock there was an apparently lifeless sailor. He was picked up to be placed in a grave with his comrades when he suddenly came back to life. He told the story of how he had struggled against the waves for such a long time and had exhausted all of his strength and commended his soul to God and had then fainted and it was then that a wave took him and threw him onto an overhanging rock. Since then this cave has been known as the "trou à l’homme" or manhole.

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